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Headline: Evolution into pure conditions
"Spetec celebrated its 35th company anniversary.[...] Looking back, these 35 years have been marked by innovation, expansion and success, and, of course, Spetec intends to continue to expand and provide dust-free air in the future."


Labinsights Online
Headline: Example showing an inexpensive way of creating partial sterile clean air areas
"[...] it can be seen that an expensive, fully enclosed clean room may not always be needed, particularly when operators need to move around in the room. The inexpensive, flexible SPETEC modules can also be fitted or suspended as required."


Cleanroom Technology
Headline: The increasing threat to product characteristics due to particulate matter
"[...] certain products must be protected from particulate matter under cleanroom conditions. However, extracting particulate matter is a major technical challenge. Particulate matter can only be removed from the air by properly cleaning the air in the room."


International Labmate
Headline: Reduce your Cleanroom Workbench Noise Pollution
"While it is possible to take measures to reduce or avoid noise in one´s private life, this is often not possible in the workplace.
The employer is obliged to take the measures to keep the sound pressure level as low as possible.


Cleanroom Technoloy
Headline: CleanBoy Medical – a particle-free, sterile clean-room workbench - Suitable for any application in the field of medical technology
"The requirements in respect of the cleanliness of laboratory environments and commercial premises have increased dramatically,
particularly in the areas of industrial production, packaging and in analytics and medical laboratories and research."