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The Spetec clean room workbench or mini environment is primarily used in the optics, electronics, and mechanical industries, e.g. for display manufacturing or finishing of touch panels and for cleaning optical components. The key difference in comparison to the laminar flow box (FBS series, tabletop unit) is the integrated work surface which can be fabricated from perforated stainless steel, “solid” stainless steel, or hard laminate.

Clean room workbench or workplace according to individual costumers requirements

The clean room workbench (Mini Environment) can also be equipped with a “canopy” to reduce the influence of dust or drafts from the environment. This housing provides additional protection of the work area and the employee from the ambient atmosphere.
The clean room workbench can be fabricated according to the individual customer requirements and the required clean room category. This means that the size, equipment and design are adapted to the respective requirements.

The clean room workbench is generally made with clean room compatible aluminium profiles. The side walls are made from glass, acrylic glass, or a PVC strip curtain. A laminar flow module is installed on top, so that an ISO 5 or category 100 (according to US FED. 209E) clean room is created inside of the mini environment. That equates to only approx. 100 particles with a size of 0.5 μm. Compared to a particle count of approx. 1 million per cubic foot in a typical office or laboratory, this corresponds to improving the air quality by a factor of 10 000.

Clean room workbench with sliding door or strip curtain as canopy

Clean room workbench with ionizer

Clean room workbench with extraction system and ionizer to neutralize static charges.

This special version of the clean room workbench is equipped with an ionizer and extraction system. The partial vacuum reated by the extraction system cleans the part in one step. Then the static charge on the part is neutralized by the ionizer so that dust does not adhere. This method ensures that the parts are clean for further processing.

The cleaning time is reduced by more than 50% in comparison to conventional cleaning methods. The canopy with PVC strip curtain prevents dirt from entering the workbench from the outside, making it easier to achieve the clean room category and allowing for even cleaner working.