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The human eye can be permanently damaged by direct or indirect exposure to laser radiation. Damage to the retina generally occurs in the 400 –1400 nm range, whereas corneal and lens damage is associated with the UV range (190 – 400 nm).

This means that laser safety glasses that protect eyesight are indispensable for all those who work with lasers. A distinction is made between full-protective laser eyewear and laser adjustment eyewear. Fully-protective eyewear protects the eye in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared ranges by reflecting or absorbing the beam.

Laser adjustment eyewear, on the other hand, is only used in the visible range. The strength of the laser beam is reduced sufficiently to render short exposure times harmless, thus allowing adjustment tasks to be carried out on the laser equipment.

Laser safety eyewear and the filters that are used are designed to absorb the specific energy of the laser. This means that the protective eyewear must be chosen specifically for the required range of wavelengths, the peak radiation power and the necessary optical density. Of course, visible light transmission, field of view and comfort of the frame are also of great significance.

Spetec is able to offer a wide selection of laser safety eyewear. All laser safety eyewear is certified with DIN EN 207/208 and bears the CE mark.

You can choose from several different frame types and filters for a wide range of applications. For more information see the brochures below.


Frames laser safety eyewear:


rahmen 31Frame #31

  • comfortable over rx frames or alone
  • soft touch nylon frame
  • full field of view

rahmen 39Frame #39

  • modern fitover style (X-large)
  • soft touch nylon frame
  • full field of view

rahmen 35 32Frame #35

  • sleek, low profile fit
  • adjustable Temples and hinges

rahmen 36 38Frame #36/#38

  • comfortable over rx frames or alone
  • soft touch nylon frame
  • full field of view
  • adjustable temples
  • available in black or white

rahmen 33 37Frame #33

  • reinforced material
  • comfortable over rx frames or alone

rahmen 34Frame #34

  • detachable rx insert
  • comfort nosepieces
  • bendable temples

rahmen 700 900Frame #700/#900

  • comfortable over rx frames or alone
  • full field of view





frames laser safety glasses

  Frames laser safety eyewear                                       


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