LT Collage 2022

 Journal: International Labmate
Headline: Custom-built peristaltic pumps from Spetec

"Individual, extremely reliable and offering outstanding precision for chemical analyses and process technology."


Journal: International Labmate
Headline: New Innovative Double Syringe Pump Launched

"...The double syringe pump is ideal for such applications in medical technology, analytics, research and the chemical industry where the smallest volumes of liquid have to be dosed very precisely over long periods of time pulsation-free at extremely low flow rates."


Journal: IEN Europe:
Headline: Low-flow Rate Double Syringe Pump

"Thanks to a technical innovation, Spetec has now succeeded in developing a double syringe pump [...].
A simple spindle with offset power transmission to the syringe pushers, driven by a stepper motor,
makes it possible to drive two separate syringes simultaneously.."