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The Spetec LP12 laser safety curtain is manufactured using a sandwich technique.
Two identical covering layers are applied to a non-elastic substrate fabric so that either side can be used as the laser side. The edges are hemmed. The curtain is made up of widths of material sewn together, allowing us to offer any size you need. The curtain is fixed to a rail on a laser safety enclosure or to a track secured to the wall or to an existing fitting. We offer a number of different hanging systems for this purpose. (See below.)

The material used has been tested and certified by DIN Certco in accordance with DIN EN 12254. This standard specifically relates to the screening of laser workplaces by means of of laser safety curtains or laser safety screens and comprises a range of laser stress tests to be carried out on the material being tested. This results in a number of different protection classes as shown in the table below in relation to the relevant wavelength ranges.

Wavelength range Protection class  
180 - 315 nm D AB8, IR AB4, M AB6 DIN tested
> 315 - 1.050 nm DIR AB5, M AB7 DIN tested
> 1.050 - 1.400 nm D AB5, IR AB9, M AB8 DIN tested
> 1.400 - 11.000 nm DI AB3 DIN tested


Technical data:
Thickness 1,2 mm
DIN EN 12254


Hanging systems


kedersystemKeder system

This system allows quick and easy installation and can be manufactured in any size. The fact that the curtain is drawn into the Keder track results in a tight fit that offers a high level of safety.


schiebe systemSliding system

With the sliding system, the curtain runs in the rail by means of a retaining system. It can be moved in either direction. Stoppers can be used to restrict the opening size or to permit opening on one side only.


klettband systemVelcro tape system

The Spetec laser safety curtain LP12 is sewn in at the top and fastened with a Velcro tape and screws to a mounting profile.

Easy to dismantle
Low cost


hakensystemHook system (stainless steel)

The Spetec laser protection curtain LP12 is attached to a separate holding plate. This makes it easy to disassemble.

Stainless Steel
Easy to dismantle