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Spetec GmbH offers tailored clean room solutions to meet your needs. The Spetec laminar flow box FBS is designed to create clean room conditions in discrete areas. This means that clean room requirements can be met exactly where they are needed. We would be happy to advise you when planning tailored workplace solutions, clean room cubicles, clean room tents and complete turnkey clean room systems. And our mobile clean room cell provides an inexpensive alternative to a complete clean room. For each of our customers, we manufacture a tailored clean room solution that offers the very best in precision and quality.

Our specialists are there to support you every step of the way, from your initial enquiry, through project planning and development, right up to implementation and installation of your clean room.

Beyond this, you can also take advantage of our tailored clean room service package after completion of the project. Our offering covers service and maintenance work and accreditation of clean rooms and laminar flow boxes as per VDI 2083, EN ISO14644 and US Federal Standard 209E using state-of-the-art clean room testing equipment

Please feel free to send us your enquiry regarding clean room cells, laminar flow boxes or clean room systems without obligation.

We will send you an offer for the clean room solution you require.