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Laminar Flow BoxLaminar Flow Box FBS as a portable clean room workplace

With the laminar flow box of the FBS series a portable clean room workspace is created which, depending on the model, can measure between 0.37 to 1.12 m2. It is used for the manufacture of products and for the storage of objects in clean room conditions.

Ambient air is drawn in using EC fans and pushed through the filter. This generates an ISO class 5 laminar flow, i.e. the air streams down in parallel flow lines. Particles are picked up the flow of air and transported out of the box through the perforated floor.



High performance filter

The SPETEC® laminar flow module FMS uses a type H 14 filter. It features a retention rate of 99.995%. This means that at a particle size of 0.12 μm (according to MPPS), the filter removes at least 99.995% of all particles. At a particle size of 0.3 μm, the retention rate is approx. 99.9995%. By using the H 14 filter, the SPETEC® laminar flow box FBS has an isolation factor of 10. This means that the air quality inside the laminar flow box is improved by a factor of at least 10 000 relative to the ambient air.


Control panel         hochleistungsfilter                                        

The flow velocity can be controlled in 8 steps. The controls include the “night reduction” (eco) mode to save energy costs, and the “MAX” function to clean the workstation, parts, or equipment if applicable.

  • 8 level adjustment of the flow velocity with night reduction and flushing function
  • LCD display with selected flow velocity in m/second
  • Automatic flow adjustment with filter replacement indicator (optional)
  • LED fault indicator
  • Connection options for building control systems (remote monitoring) (optional)
  • Interior light switch on the control panel (optional)
  • Service and interval indicator, dependent on the usage period
  • Master/Slave function: Position of Control Panel for Laminar Flow Module freely selectable

Through the use of latest generation EC fans with a very high efficiency, the power draw is reduced to a minimum.



Name Filter dim. in mm Kg
Laminar flow box FBS 37 610 x 610 77
Laminar flow box FBS 56 915 x 610 92
Laminar flow box FBS 75 1220 x 610 114
Laminar flow box FBS 93 1525 x 610 129
Laminar flow box FBS 112 1830 x 610 145




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