Collage RT Cleanboys Plus


Clean room station and work place Reinraumarbeitsplatz Cleanboy Basic Standgerät

Floor-standing or table-top device

The CleanBoy® Basic consists of a simpler, more affordable laminar flow module “Basic”. This laminar flow module is offered in a plastic coated, robust version. With an EC-motor with stepless speed regulation the air flow speed can be adjusted to the requirements. The CleanBoy® Basic is available as a floor-standing or table-top device in one size.

The CleanBoy® Basic clean room station is available as a floor-standing device with work surface or as a table-top device.





Technical Drawing:

Floor-standing device CleanBoy® Basic Maxi

Technische Zeichnung Reinraumarbeitsplatz Cleanboy Basic

Table-top deice CleanBoy® Basic Mini

Reinraum Arbeitsplatz CleanBoy Basic mini Technische Zeichnung


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