detailbild laminar flow

Laminar Flow Box - PVC clean room strip curtain

Laminar Flow Box with individual clean room curtains to create

FBS-V series models consist of a laminar flow module FMS and a PVC clean room strip curtain.

The PVC strip curtain which hangs down from the laminar flow module is adjusted so that its ends are flush with the device housing. Thanks to the laminar flow of air, there is no mixing of dirty ambient air.

The laminar flow module is attached to the building‘s ceiling with ceiling hangers. The curtain prevents the entry of dirty air when people walk by or transport vehicles drive by. In general, this system is used to create localized clean room conditions at machines or instruments which are too big to place them inside a box. In addition, assembly workstations can also be enclosed.

Control panel


The flow velocity can be controlled in 8 steps. The controls include the “night reduction” (eco) mode to save energy costs, and the “MAX” function to clean the workstation, parts, or equipment if applicable.

  • 8 level adjustment of the flow velocity with night reduction and flushing function
  • LCD display with selected flow velocity in m/second
  • Automatic flow adjustment with filter replacement indicator (optional)
  • LED fault indicator
  • Interior light switch on the control panel (optional)
  • Service and interval indicator, dependent on the usage period


Bezeichnung Filtermaße in mm Kg
Laminar flow box FBS-V 37 610 x 610 42
Laminar flow box FBS-V 56 915 x 610 47
Laminar flow box FBS-V 75 1220 x 610 69
Laminar flow box FBS-V 93 1525 x 610 78
Laminar flow box FBS-V 112 1830 x 610 89


The curtain has a length of 2000 mm, but can also be produced according to customer requirements.