detailbild laminar flow

  Base frame on casters. As a table replacement for the FBS series, results in a mobile clean room workstation.
  Laboratory cabinet with drawers. Provides storage space to keep laboratory materials and other tools, only available in combination with option 1.
  Extraction well below the perforated floor, for connection of an extraction system or a central building extraction system. To divert the “contaminated” air flowing through the box.
  Interior light, FBS series LED.
  230 V connection inside box. Installation of a clean room compatible triple outlet inside the box..
  Control via PLC interface.
ON/OFF and increase/decrease flow velocity functions, ilter replacement indicator and error indicator.

Control options
(control voltage 12V to 24V)
  • Power on/off
  • Light on/off
  • Increase/decrease flow rate by one step
  • PLC interface

Interface feedback
  • Power has been turned on/off
  • Light has been turned on/off
  • Filter replacement required
  • An error occurred (Fan is not turning)
  Automatic flow adjustment with filter replacement indicator
  Ceiling mount
  Stainless steel pre-filter cartridge
(size 37–56 per 2 units, size 75–112 per 4 units)
  Replacement H14 filter
  H14 PTFE main filter
  Pre-filter (size 37–56 per 2 units, size 75–112 per 4 units)
  Worktop made of solid stainless steel, not perforated
  Worktop made of sealed hard laminate, not perforated
  ESD-compatible version for FBS series
  FMS in special colour according to RAL table
  Plastic coating, acid-resistant for FBS series
  Plastic coating, acid-resistant for base frame on casters
  FMS series with primary function and wired remote control
  Telescoping arm for exhaust hood

Laminar Flow Box Option mit Untergestell als Reinraum Arbeitsplatz

Option 1

Laminar Flox Box mit Einbauschrank für Stauraum im Reinraum

Option 2

Laminar Flow Box Option3

Option 3