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Peristaltic Pumps to built in as OEM pumps

The basic purpose of a peristaltic pump is to move fluids from A to B. But this is not enough for manufacturers of analysis equipment and other devices that require fluids to be transported. Alongside the technical characteristics such as pulsation, accuracy and stability, other factors also play a role, such as an attractive, individual appearance of the pumps.

And that is exactly what Spetec aims for.

Spetec does not offer traditional series. Instead, a few basic components and parts are used that are manufactured in large quantities for many customers. The visual appearance, on the other hand, is always designed to customer requirements. In essence, this concerns the color and form of the baseplate on which the actual pump is fitted. It is also possible to influence the color and shape of many other individual components.

The result is a custom product bearing the signature of the device‘s manufacturer and which perfectly matches the design of the overall unit.

A number of key benefits are brought together:

  • Low costs
  • Simple installation during final assembly of the analysis units
  • Custom styling


peristaltic pump Peristaltikpumpe


To help you make the right decisions as you put together your custom product,
our peristaltic pumps are grouped into three categories :

Precision Standard

The large roller head with 12 rollers allows these pumps to meet the most stringent requirements in respect of low pulsation and consistency of fluid delivery.

Technical Data Precision Standard peristaltic pumpOEM Precision Standard peristaltische pumpe

Exemplary illustration

Technical Drawing Precision Standard peristaltic pump

Precision Compact

This is a smaller version of the standard pump with a scale of 2:1. It has extremely similar properties in respect of delivery accuracy.

 OEM Precision Compact peristaltic pumpTechnical Data Precision Compact peristaltic pump

Exemplary illustration

Technical Drawing Precision Compact peristaltic pump


These pumps are simpler, less expensive versions that are also operated withwear-resistant stepper motors.

Technical Data Low cost mini peristaltic pump

OEM Low cost mini peristaltische pumpe

 Exemplary illustration

Technical Drawing Low cost mini peristaltic pump


Stepper motor controller SM04

The optionally available Spetec stepper motor controller SM04 is an in-house development that can be fixed directly to the pump. It has been designed for the operation of 2-phase stepper motors with step angles of 1.8° and 0.9°. Using the Spetec SM04, a single full step can be subdivided into 64 microsteps. This corresponds to 12,800 steps per revolution. This ensures that the equipment runs extremely smoothly and silently.


• On-chip temperature monitoring
• Reduced current at low speeds, resulting in less
  heating of stepper motor
• Simple control via analog input
• Quieter running through 1/64 microstep control
• Board can be operated without ventilation
• Compact assembly at installed pumpTechnical Data SM04








Examples of built-in peristaltic pumps: 

oem peristaltische pumpen beispiele


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