detailbild Schrittmotorsteuerungen

The optionally available Spetec stepper motor controller SMC01 is a versatile control board for 2-phase stepper motors with a step angle of 1.8°. It can be operated in two different modes. The signal control mode is intended for use in simple systems, while interface mode is intended for operation at a PC or in a more complex system with its own bus system.

Schrittmotorsteuerung stepper motor


• Two different operating modes can be set, signal control and command control (via USB adapter or RS485 port)
• SMC01 PC tool for simple configuration and control
• Many settings can be configured from a PC
• Simple sequencing possible at the PC in the case of USB operation
• RS485 port to permit integration in more complex systems with interface control
• On-chip temperature monitoring
• Quieter running thanks to adjustable microsteps up to 1/128
• Board can be operated without ventilation (can be optionally equipped with a fan)
• Compact assembly


Technical Data SMC01


The SMC01 is supplied with the SMC01-Control operating software. This software allows you to query, set, configure
and also control some of the parameters of the SMC01. This permits optimum operation of the stepper motor. 


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