The Spetec Micro-Tubing-Connector serves as a connector for tubes with an inside diameter of 0.1 mm or larger. It consists of an acrylic glass shape with embedded platinum- or stainless steel capillaries which permit use in all applications involving acidic and alkaline solvents.

The Spetec Micro-Tubing-Connector is manufactured to extremely high levels of precision. The three drill holes in the Y – configuration face each other to a distance of only a few thousands of a mm. The drill holes at the end of the capillary have a close fit to ensure a free flow of the liquid without turbulence and at the same time reduce memory effects to a minimum.


Product Pictures

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Standard-Tubing-Connector Polypropylene

Part No. Description Configuration For tubes with an inside diameter Outside diameter
37-0200 SSV-Y190 Y-connector 0,80 - 1,85 mm 1,9
37-0201 SSV-I 190 straight connector 0,80 - 1,85 mm 1,9
37-0202 SSV-Y240 Y-connector 2,00 - 2,35 mm 2,4
37-0203 SSV-I 240 straight connector 2,00 - 2,35 mm 2,4
37-0204 SSV-Y320 Y-connector 2,70 - 3,15 mm 3,2
37-0205 SSV-I 320 straight connector 2,70 - 3,15 mm 3,2