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Spetec Perimax16

The Perimax peristaltic pump is used in all branches of analytical and preparative chemistry, and in production systems:

  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Biotechnology, bioanalytical chemistry
  • Liquid chromatography
  • Column chromatography
  • ICP and AA instrumentation
  • Liquid transfer, dosing and mixing
  • Laboratories and production


The principle behind the Perimax 16 - Antipuls peristaltic pump permits pulsation-free operation. Two tubes that pass over a roller head and whose
rollers are arranged phase-shifted relative to one another are brought together. As a result, the peaks and troughs cancel one another out, thus
resulting in a completely pulsation-free flow.

Perimax16 Antipuls E

The roller head with its 16 rollers consists of 4 half-channels with 8 rollers each, with two phase-shifted tubes always being combined. The pump can be operated with two low-pulsation channels, four pulsed channels or one low-pulsation and two pulsed channels.

Technical Data Perimax16 peristaltic pumpControl

The rear-mounted connector can be used to control the speed and direction
of rotation by means of an analog 0-5 V signal.

Operating the unit

Operation of the Perimax 16 peristaltic pump could not be easier. The tube is guided around the pump head and its two ends are fixed to a special mechanism. The compression level is set using an adjusting screw at the adjusting lever. There are operating buttons to switch the pump ON or OFF or to run to the RIGHT or LEFT. The speed of rotation of the pump head can be continuously adjusted using a 10-turn potentiometer. The digital display (0 – 999) ensures a reproducible speed of rotation and fluid delivery rate. A high-speed button permits brief periods of operation at top speed, for example in order to flush the tubing more quickly when changing to a different liquid medium.


We are offering the associated tubing in various materials.