Firmenfoto von Spetec

Spetec was founded in Erding, Germany in 1987. The company began selling replacement parts for analytics. As requirements in analytics became stricter, Spetec started developing clean room technology.

A broad range of clean room and laboratory technology products was developed over the years. Today Spetec GmbH delivers individual clean room solutions ranging from the mobile Laminar Flow Box to complex, turnkey clean room systems.

Spetec GmbH also offers the maintenance and certification of clean room systems according to DIN ISO. Thanks to the highest quality and precision, Spetec became a leading supplier of peristaltic pumps.

A comprehensive selection of various hose types for their application is offered as well. The newly emerging laser safety business area builds on experience with clean room technology. Individual laser safety systems are offered according to customer requirements.

Innovative, application-oriented products are created through the combination of in-house development, design and fabrication centralised under one roof. Quality, performance, dedication and entrepreneurial vision set the company apart.

Today Spetec has around 65 employees and plans for further expansion.


Our Management Team




friedhelm rickert

Friedhelm Rickert

Managing Director

ruth rickert kreikemeier

Ruth Rickert-Kreikemeier

Managing Director

fabian holzner

Fabian Holzner

Managing Director











christian hundseder

Christian Hundseder

Authorized Officer and Production Manager                 


Karl Mairoth

Project Leader                                                                              

christian brandl

Christian Brandl

 Technical Director                                                     


friedhelm rickert

Christian Brandl

Authorized Officer and Sales Manager Clean Room Technology

andrea dorn

Andrea Dorn

Purchasing Department


Elisabeth Bichlmaier









Elisabeth Schollwoeck

Business Organization


nobert jakubowski

Dr. rer. nat. Norbert Jakubowski

Research Associate