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Laminar Flow Module

FMS mit AufhaengungThe laminar flow module which comes equipped with a ceiling suspension can for example be used as a clean air shower or be integrated directed in a machine enclosure. Through the primary/secondary function, one control unit is able to control up 100 secondary-modules (optional).


Filter change

FMSModul offen Filter mit HandThe main filter is stored in a filter cartridge which is attached to the laminar flow module on its underside. This mechanism is especially advantageous when the modules are suspended from the ceiling or when these are mounted on clean room cells. As a result the filter can easily be changed from underneath.


Application examples

RRZ feste Waende mit MannThe laminar flow modules are also used on top of clean room cells.

Please refer to the Clean Room Cell section for further information.


Control panel


The flow velocity can be controlled in 8 steps. The controls include the “night reduction” (eco) mode to save energy costs, and the “MAX” function to clean the workstation, parts, or equipment if applicable.

  • 8 level adjustment of the flow velocity with night reduction and flushing function
  • LCD display with selected flow velocity in m/second
  • Automatic flow adjustment with filter replacement indicator (optional)
  • LED fault indicator
  • Connection options for building control systems (remote monitoring) (optional)
  • Interior light switch on the control panel (optional)
  • Service and interval indicator, dependent on the usage period
  • Primary / Secondary function: Position of Control Panel for Laminar Flow Module freely selectable

Through the use of latest generation EC fans with a very high efficiency, the power draw is reduced to a minimum.



Name Filter dim. in mm Kg
*Laminar flow module FMS 24 610 x 400 20
Laminar flow module FMS 37 610 x 610 28
Laminar flow module FMS 56 915 x 610 31
Laminar flow module FMS 75 1220 x 610 49
Laminar flow module FMS 93 1525 x 610 56
Laminar flow module FMS 112 1830 x 610 63

* Special version


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