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Laminar Flow Box Standard

Laminar Flow Box FBS Series Standard with clean room curtain as a an alternative to Laminar Flow BoxAs an alternative to the laminar flow box of the FBS series “SuSi®, this version is offered without a sliding door and perforated metal floor. As a result, work can be performed directly on the existing table.

A well thought out air circulation ensures that the air flow happens from the inside to the outside and no contamination through outside air occurs on the inside of the box.



Control panel    


The flow velocity can be controlled in 8 steps. The controls include the “night reduction” (eco) mode to save energy costs, and the “MAX” function to clean the workstation, parts, or equipment if applicable.

  • 8 level adjustment of the flow velocity with night reduction and flushing function
  • LCD display with selected flow velocity in m/second
  • Automatic flow adjustment with filter replacement indicator (optional)
  • LED fault indicator
  • Interior light switch on the control panel (optional)
  • Service and interval indicator, dependent on the usage period




Name Filter dim. in mm Kg
Laminar flow box FBS 37 standard 610 x 610 57
Laminar flow box FBS 56 standard 915 x 610 67
Laminar flow box FBS 75 standard 1220 x 610 86
Laminar flow box FBS 93 standard 1525 x 610 96
Laminar flow box FBS 112 standard 1830 x 610 106


Drawing and technical information about Laminar Flow Box FBS Serie–Standard