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Whether it be industry or research, a clean environment is becoming ever more important. Mobile laminar flow boxes and clean room cells can be used to create clean room conditions wherever you need them. Spetec manufactures clean room systems and offers solutions tailored to customers' wishes.


Spetec is the expert manufacturer for your peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps and pump tubing.
 We supply custom OEM pumps and pumps for end customers. We also offer a wide range of pump tubing in a huge variety of diameters and lengths.
And we also stock a wide selection of single-element and multi-element Standards.


Spetec is the partner of choice for laser safety. We plan, design and build laser safety equipment according to your specific requirements. Spetec manufactures laser safety products such as laser safety curtains, laser safety enclosures, laser safety tents and laser safety screens and offers ideal solutions in this field.


ECC EasyClick Compact

Peristaltic pump with EasyClick connector

Compared to the clip used in its predecessor, the new version is equipped with a pressure cartridge in which the user simply places the tubing. This mechanism also ensures that the tubing is automatically adjusted during pump operation, with the result that there is no longer any need for manual readjustment by the user.

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We provide you with the latest information and news on our products of clean room technology, laboratory equipment and laser safety from journals and technical magazines.

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