Whether it be industry or research, a clean environment is becoming ever more important. Mobile laminar flow boxes and clean room cells can be used to create clean room conditions wherever you need them. Spetec manufactures clean room systems and offers solutions tailored to customers' wishes.


Spetec is the expert manufacturer for your peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps and pump tubing.
 We supply custom OEM pumps and pumps for end customers. We also offer a wide range of pump tubing in a huge variety of diameters and lengths.
And we also stock a wide selection of single-element and multi-element Standards.


Spetec is the partner of choice for laser safety. We plan, design and build laser safety equipment according to your specific requirements. Spetec manufactures laser safety products such as laser safety curtains, laser safety enclosures, laser safety tents and laser safety screens and offers ideal solutions in this field.


Innovation and precision are our watchwords!

These pages will provide you with information on our products in the fields of clean room technology, laboratory equipment and laser safety.

At Spetec we offer top quality at very reasonable prices! Our products are manufactured at our production facilities in Erding near Munich.
Quality is extremely important to us and we are ISO 9001 accredited.
The precision with which we work is complemented by a process-oriented management approach, which guarantees that you, the customer, benefit from accredited, fast and flexible manufacturing, coupled with the best possible quality.

From receipt of an order right through to organizing the shipping, our processes are systematically tracked and constantly improved.



Clean Room Technology    
 Cleanroom station CleanBoy
CleanBoy Reinraumstation ld
The Spetec clean room station CleanBoy brings cleanliness to the
exact workstation where you need it. Cleanliness in technical terms
means classified cleanroom conditions. The CleanBoy clean room
station is available as a floor-standing or table-top device.
It is simple to set up and... read more


Laboratory Equipment  
 Syringe pump Symax
Spritzenpumpe Symax The Spetec syringe pump is used for metering fluids in the
microliter and nanoliter range
. Its core components consist
of the stepper motor drive, high-precision carriage, adjustable
syringe holder, and replaceable syringe. Thanks to the high
resolution of 25,600 steps per revolution, individual steps
during themovement sequence are barely perceptible. Both
disposable and metal-free precision syringes... read more


Laser Safety   
 Laser safety curtain LP12
Spetec Laserschutzvorhang Laserschutz
The Spetec LP12 laser safety curtain is manufactured
using a sandwich technique. Two identical covering
layers are applied to a non-elastic substrate fabric so
that either side can be used as the laser side. The edges
are hemmed. The curtain is made up of widths of material
sewn together, allowing us to offer any size you need.
The curtain is fixed to a rail on a laser safety enclosure or
to a track secured to the wall or to an existing fitting. We
offer a number of different hanging systems... read more