symax detailbild

Mechanical Data

Dimensions LxWxH
(without syringe holder)
270 x 95 x 85 (mm)
Weight 2,100g
Maximum stroke 91,5 mm
Minimum feed rate 0,248 nm/s
Maximum feed rate 1,24 mm/s
Smallest step resolution 0,0248µm of feed
Accuracy +/-1%
Reproducibility +/-1%
Transverse force 100N at 0,0254mm/s
Extendable Up to six individually controllable channels per group; two groups can be operated from one PC
Materials Anodized aluminum Powder-coated stainless steel Fluorinated rubber (support for syringes)
Adjustable syringe holder Permitted syringe diameters from 9 mm to 34 mm


Electrical Data

Power supply Input: 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Output: 24 V / 2.8A
Power consumption per pump Standby current: 210 mA
Operating current: 420 mA
Data interfaces RS 485 / USB
LabView LLB ready for integration in user's own system


Operating Conditions

Temperature range +10 to +40°C
Relative humidity 20 % to 80 %, non-condensing
Suitable media aqueous, acidic and alkaline media