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The Spetec syringe pump is used for metering fluids in the microliter and nanoliter range. Its core components consist of the stepper motor drive, high-precision carriage, adjustable syringe holder, and replaceable syringe. Thanks to the high resolution of 25,600 steps per revolution, individual steps during themovement sequence are barely perceptible. Both disposable and metal-free precision syringes of any required volume can be used.

The smallest volume that can be delivered on each individual pulse when standard syringes are used is 4 picoliters. Depending on the size and diameter of the employed syringe, the total amount delivered per minute can be adjusted between 5 nl and 44 ml.


Range of applications:

  • Metering of microvolumes
  • Long-term trials
  • Extremely high-precision filling of fluids
  • Surface technology
  • Injection technology
  • Cell research
  • (Bio)analytical chemistry

  • Horizontal and vertical operation possible




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